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Richard Thompson (aka "Tat")

Artistic Director, Performer

Tat qualified as a secondary mathematics teacher in 1988, joining the Circus world in 1992 when he founded Mr Fizzbang's Circus. He has taught circus workshops around the world, from orphanages in Romania to the war zones of Kosovo and East Timor as well as schools and colleges throughout the UK. He performs as an acrobat, fire performer, juggler and stilt walker and is the creative force behind much of what brightFX does.

John Kennett

Technical Director, Pyrotechnician

John is an experienced and creative pyrotechnician, designing and overseeing all of the explosive elements for brightFX. He previously owned and ran SWPF Pyrotechnics & Fireworks and went on to be Special Projects Director for Rocket Pyrotechnics Ltd where he worked on large scale theatrical effects as well as major firework displays. He is also resposible for show production, ensuring that the essential details such as lighting, sound and power are all looked after. John was diabolo champion at the 14th European Juggling Convention 1991 held in Verona, and is possibly the only person to juggle three clubs whilst skydiving!

Karen Cruiks

Event programmer, Costume designer

With endless imagination, Karen plays a major role in developing new concepts for the company. Programmer of Glastonbury's infamous Lost Luck Casino in her previous role as a producer for Lost Vagueness, Karen has brought her encyclopaedic knowledge of the very best acts and bands to brightFX. Also known for her Cybertart club wear and corsetry, Karen produces fantastic costumes for our performers, including intricate illuminated "light wire" costumes.

Sorcha Ra

Choreographer, Performer

A talented belly dancer and fire performer, Sorcha is the UK's leading choreographer of large scale fire performance. She is passionate about raising the skill levels in this discipline from a simple fire show to a really polished performance.

Nikki Lucas

Musical Director, Performer

Former national level gymnast, Nikki has been working as an acrobat and fire performer for almost ten years. She also has an exceptional ability to select the perfect music to suit the changing mood and tempo throughout a show.

Rob Horsman


A professionally trained dancer and juggler, Rob has worked at the highest level with groups such as the Gandini Juggling Project. He is a supremely talented juggler and character actor.

Tina Carter


Tina trained in circus arts in the UK and France and has toured Europe working as an aerialist and acrobat. She runs Expressive Feat Productions, one of the UK's leading aerial dance companies.

Ian Scott-Owens


A supremely talented and experienced performer in his own right, Ian is better known as Albert from Albert & Friends Instant Circus. In this role he teaches circus, mime, movement and performance skills. His creative talents and expertise in physical theatre and comedy characterisation have turned a series of routines into a seamless and very funny production.

Mike Martins


Renowned street performer and director, Mike has produced epic shows including Martinez and Fabrega, the Bull Circus and the Shop. He directed the original street version of "Circus Tatovski"

Chris Umney

Lighting Designer

Since studying theatre and visual art at Brighton University in the early nineties Chris has been working continually as a production manager, composer, sound engineer and lighting designer for performance companies in the UK, in Europe & South America. He has a brain the size of a planet and we ask him to point lights.

Steve Taylor, Four Fish Designs


Four Fish Designs specialises in bespoke commissioned pieces for companies and individual performers working in theatre, film and circus. As well as other bits and piecese, Steve made the coat rack and props cupboard, as well as the substitution trunk which are an integral part of the "Circus Tatovski" show.

Amongst many others we have been lucky enough to work with all these people as well:

Sian Thomas, Choreographer; Genevieve Monastesse, Aerialist #1; Clare Anderson, Aerialist #2; Empress Stah, Aerialist #3; Don Mansfield, Kirstie Mansfield, Tim Kennett, Pyro crew; Cormac Martin, Guy Thompson, Paul Meredith, Nick and Nina, Stage Crew; Martin Chick, Dan Neagle, Lighting technicians.

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