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Sound and Light

A top quality Sound system is obviously essential for a music festival, but is frequently overlooked on smaller events.

A DJ or band may provide a PA, or they may both have their own that they want to use. Often neither is particularly well suited to the venue or event.

A properly specified and managed PA system will give you a better result, and make everything easier to manage. We work with a small number of carefully selected companies who can provide the right system for any event.

Whether you want to floodlight the exterior of a building and project your client's logo onto it, or create an incredible nightclub in a marquee, we can do it for you.

We work with a variety of lighting designers specialising in different types of installations such as conventional theatre lighting, high-tech computer controlled moving lights, and architectural installation lighting.

We will make sure that we understand what you need for your event, and make it happen for you.

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