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Work with our talented artistes on performance development and advanced technical skills

For groups with existing basic or intermediate skills, our masterclasses work on bringing these up to perfromance standard, and look at different ways of presenting a show to different types of audience.


A Circus Space graduate and a former member of the Gandini Juggling Project, Rob Horsman is considered one of Englands top jugglers. Fusing elements of contemporary dance and movement within his routines Rob has developed a unique style of juggling.

Fire performance

Specialising in group choreography, Sorcha works with fire performers to maximise the impact of their shows. Working with basic fire props such as poi, staff, torches, as well as more advanced techniques.


Acrobalance is all about teamwork and communication and combines grace and balance with strength. Tat and Nikki have worked and taught together for nearly 15 years and as part of the workshops offered

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